If you are an Ontario-based essential service, hospital or healthcare clinic, med-tech company, or someone in a related supply chain, and if I can help you get your technology to the people that need it in this time of crisis, I’d really love to chat.

I am a software engineer and technologist offering discounted labour to all essential services until Ontario is in the clear.

I’ve been programming computers since I was 9. I have degree in Computer Science, and 25 years of professional experience as a developer and architect. I’ve worked for big companies and small, across a variety of industries, building on a variety of platforms and technologies.

I am an expert C++, JavaScript, and Ruby programmer, and have spent a not small amount of time writing C#, VB.NET, Java, Python, PHP, Lisp, and even Perl.

I’m currently building a full-stack cloud-deployed web application for the Ontario nuclear industry, but I will put that on hold if you need my help in any part of the fight against COVID-19.

I want to talk to you if you think I can help.