Jonathan Dowland, a Debian user for over 10 years, has converted to a Mac. Why? Functionality. He finds the operating system easier to use.

And I’m not terribly surprised. I did the same 7 or 8 years ago.

I ran GNU/Linux as my primary desktop at home for a bunch of years. I went through Gentoo and Ubuntu. I ran a business on it using GnuCash, a program I love and still use today (on OS X!). But over time, the list of tools I needed that were only available on proprietary systems like Windows and OS X grew larger. In a fit of whimsy, I had my employer buy me a Macbook Pro. And I haven’t looked back.

No that’s a lie. I look back regularly. I love the idea of free software. I have a photo of Richard Stallman hanging on the wall by the office door reminding me every morning as I walk in to hack something and do some good. I have the Fixer’s Manifesto beside it reminding me that if I can’t fix it, I don’t own it. Like OS X. And the Macbook Pro hardware.

But damn if it isn’t really nice hardware. And a very functional operating system.

Today, my primary “work” computer is an iMac. My primary “home” computer is a Mac mini. My primary laptop is a Macbook Pro.

But I’m trying.