“Upon us all a little rain must fall.” - Led Zeppelin, The Rain Song

I am an ardent user of the Getting Things Done method. Over the years, my system has been implemented in PalmOS To-Do lists, in hand-written notebooks, in a Hipster PDA, and in several custom and third-party software packages.

Because of my particular tweaks to stock GTD, and because I’m amazingly picky about software not getting in the way of its users, I have written several custom applications (and suites) to keep me happy. All of them were useful to me at the time. None of them have progressed to the point where I would present them to the public - until recently.

The latest and greatest implementation of Rain has been designed with multi-platform sync in mind from the outset, and is nearing usefulness. It consists of a git-like repository-with-sandbox and a command-line interface. The core is implemented in Ruby because Ruby is awesome. A web front-end will be added once the core and CLI are complete. An Android client will follow.

When there is something worth seeing, it will be on GitHub (what’s there now is proof-of-concept work - pay no attention).